What we do

We handle your project from engineering to delivery to ensure efficiency and quality.

Fully Equipped
Customer Focused

Our plants are fully equipped with modern technology and staffed with customer-oriented professionals who understand the importance of scheduling, sequencing, quality fabrication and on-time deliveries. Each of our shops have shot blast capabilities and segregated paint bays to support multi-coat paint systems. Our fabrication and coating capabilities allow us to handle the most demanding delivery schedules.

With 3 plants consisting of 9 fabrication bays, we have tremendous flexibility and capacity to handle any size project. As an AISC Certified Fabricator since 1986, Qualico is regularly engaged in the fabrication and coating of structural steel for the industrial market specializing in medium to heavy Industrial projects.

Engineering & Detailing

Our staff of licensed professional engineers will not only bring experience, but will also add value as they will prove to be a great asset to your project by providing designs that are shop and field labor friendly, and offering alternate design suggestions. This reduces your project costs and production times. We have the experience to spot and mitigate potential problems before they cost you money.

Our projects are detailed using Tekla and SDS/2. With 100% of detailing and all changes made in the model, we can provide accurate, importable files to meet your BIM needs.

We have a longstanding partnership with three of the best detailing and connection engineering firms in the industry. They employ 600+ skilled detailers, checkers, designers and licensed professional engineers. This provides flexibility to meet the most demanding schedules. We understand drawings drive success in the shop and the field. That is why Qualico’s licensed professional engineers manage all technical aspects of your projects – from connection design, detailing and problem resolution. They oversee it all.

  • Licensed Professional Engineers

  • Efficient design solutions

  • Tekla & SDS/2 Detailing

  • Full design and detailing services including 3D modeling and shop drawings

  • Engineering Consultation

  • Problem Mitigation

  • Partnership with Leading Firms


Qualico Steel has assembled a dedicated team of individuals who are each committed to producing quality products and providing exceptional customer service.

Qualico has been AISC Certified since 1986. Qualico operates according to the highest industry standards. With more than 1,900 projects completed, our fabrication plants have an annual capacity of 35,000 structural tons. Each one of our facilities is equipped with state of the art automated equipment and technology including a full line of CNC equipment for cutting, drilling, punching and burning.

  • AISC certification complete with paint endorsement
  • NQA-1 experience

Production Equipment

State-of-the-Art Electronically Controlled Fabrication Equipment

  • Multiple CNC Tandem Saw Drill systems—Max capacity is 48” wide and 800#/foot
  • Multiple CNC Plasma/Oxy Fuel High Speed Plate Drills and Punches
  • Multiple CNC Angle Punch lines—Max Capacity of L8x8x1 ¼”
  • Multiple Camber Machines
  • Multiple CNC Plasma machines—Max Capacity 48” wide by 300#/foot
  • Multiple CNC Layout machines
  • Pipe Benders
  • CNC Handrail Layout
  • Multiple Forklifts—Max Capacity 47,000#
  • Multiple 8 wheel steel shot blast machines
  • Sandblast capabilities

Production Capacity

  • Class “A” structural fabrication
  • Class “A” miscellaneous fabrication
  • Ductwork fabrication
  • Pre-engineered fabrication
  • 1,200 Structural tons per week capacity
  • Dedicated paint facilities capable of 1, 2 and 3 coat paint systems
  • Fabrication and painting capabilities that allow for the most demanding schedules
  • Project management with an average of 25 years experience in construction experience


After fabrication, material moves seamlessly to our integrated AISC Certified indoor blasting and paint facilities. Each of our shops have segregated paint facilities that support 1, 2 and 3 coat paint requirements, and each facility is humidity and climate controlled. We also can provide galvanizing and fireproof coatings.

Between Our 3 Plants We Offer:

  • A Total of 205,000 SF of Indoor Paint Facility
  • 6 – Open Top 8 Wheel Blast Machines
  • 14′ Maximum Height Capacity

Quality Assurance

From pre-fabrication to finishing and delivery, Qualico Steel can keep your structural and specialty fabrication project in house, which helps improve quality and efficiency.

By keeping the work in house, we minimize the risk of errors. Our in-house Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), also closely monitors projects through each stage making sure that each part of your project is made with precision and attention to detail.

Our inspectors are trained professionals that inspect each item. Qualico’s team has the tools, equipment, and experience to help you achieve the goals of your project.

  • Inspected by a team of AISC and AWS trained inspectors

Delivery & Material Handling

All material is inspected for quality control and loaded onto our fleet of more than 200 trailers which are GPS tracked for delivery. We proudly maintain an impeccable on-time delivery rate so that each project stays on schedule.
  • 8 – 52,000 lb Capacity Forklifts
  • 2 – 50 Ton Mijack Travel Lifts
  • 200 – GPS Tracked Flatbed Trailers


Since the start of Qualico Steel Company, Inc. in 1976 safety has been a priority. Company buy in from the CEO to the employee is first and foremost. Qualico Steel strives every day to improve the safety culture for all employees.

Qualico Steel has established a Behavior Based Safety Culture which includes the following:

Tracking Near Miss/Incident

Our incident tracking and near miss tracking helps us to identify and isolate the root cause of hazards. Once identified, we implement systems to eliminate the hazard before serious injuries occur.

Light Duty Program

Our light duty program helps keep injured employees in the work force while they recover.

Safety Meetings

Qualico Steel maintains an OSHA compliant Safety training program including weekly toolbox meetings and monthly safety meetings. This training has proven to be an effective way to keep safety on the minds of employees at all times.

Both Qualico Steel management & employees know the importance of a safe workplace. We are dedicated to providing the safest workplace possible which is a direct result of our comprehensive safety program. Our employees are part of our family and we are committed to their long term safety. After working hard all day each employee deserves to go home to their family tired but safe.